The Net Is Dark & Full Of Spoilers: ‘GoT’s Next Episode Has Been Leaked

Aw jeez, you guys. The rumours are true: ‘The Spoils of War‘, episode 4 of Game Of Thrones‘ seventh season, has been leaked.

Apparently we can’t lay the blame on HBO this time – although they suffered a massive cyber attack that saw an unreleased script leaked a few days ago, responsibility for this breach actually falls to an Indian distributor, Star Media.

Previous leaks have purportedly been purely about money – groups of hackers digging out unreleased scripts and episodes to hold hostage for astronomical amounts of money that networks are then forced to pay – but this one doesn’t seem to be motivated by coin.

The watermarked episode appeared on torrent and streaming sites yesterday, and have been rapidly disseminated thanks to sites like Reddit.

Also, unsurprisingly, Twitter is now absolutely full of spoilers, so if you’re waiting to watch when the legit, non-watermarked, HD version comes out, you might want to disconnect your internet right now.

To everyone who’s already gone and shoved the leaked ep in their eyeballs, DJ Khaled’s got some wise words for you:

For the rest of us, this is as good a reason as any for us all to unplug, log off, let our phones run out of battery and get outside for a bit. May the Seven smile upon us in our quest to remain unspoiled.