At the start, I was a little bit cagey about Netflix doing a ‘Series of Unfortunate Events‘ TV show, mainly because I was really attached both to the books and the 2004 movie. It seemed like it would be super difficult for anyone to replace Jim Carrey as Count Olaf, but I was super, super stoked to be proven wrong: the show is dope.

Like the books, the show is brutal, sad, and deeply funny. Unlike the books, it has an extremely fuckable Patrick Warburton in some absolutely incredible outfits, delivering every line with a powerfully sad gravitas that speaks to my very bones.

Clearly, Neil Patrick Harris is as stoked on the show as I am, opting to get himself a replica of Count Olaf’s cheeky VFD ankle tattoo for his first ever tattoo to celebrate the renewal of the show for a second season.

Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever liked a job enough that I would get a tattoo of it but well done to young Neil:

We got picked up for Season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I got this to celebrate. #firsttattoo #anklebone #oof #olaf #scampstamp @andersonluna @unfortunatetv @netflix

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Source and photo: Instagram / @nph.