Whoever’s Running The Soon-To-Be-Defunct Neighbours TikTok Went Rogue & Destroyed Home And Away

MAFS vs The Bachelor. Marvel vs DC. OG Charmed vs the Charmed reboot. Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift. Rivalries have existed in popular culture since the beginning of time. But perhaps the most iconic one is the battle of the Aussie soaps: Home and Away vs Neighbours.

Both long-running shows kicked off within just three years of each other way back in the ’80s and they’ve been locked in a bitter feud ever since.

But over the years viewership has declined on both (which I personally put down to the influx of shows available on streaming services) and sadly Neighbours has announced it’s shutting down production.

Since Ramsay Street is set to call it quits soon, whoever’s in charge of their TikTok account has gone absolutely savage. Like, Paul Robinson-levels of savage.

The TikTok shows a pic of the Neighbours cast with a voiceover that says, “I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy,” referring to the show’s cancellation.

The voice then continues: “Unless, of course, we’re talking about my enemy Gwyneth Paltrow.”

At that point a pic of the Home and Away cast appears, insinuating that they wish the Sydney-based series had been canned instead.


🤭 jk it’s all love for summer bay 😚 #Neighbours #homeandaway


Of course they tried to play it down in the caption, writing: “Jk it’s all love for Summer Bay.”

But come on, mates. You knew what you were doing.

And ya know what? Good on ya. May as well leave with a bang.

Speaking of bang!

It was recently rumoured that Neighbours is set to end with Ramsay Street being blown to bits in an explosion.

However, Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison denied this wild rumour while speaking to TV Tonight.

“I would never, ever blow it up,” Herbison insisted.

“The ending will be a celebration of the past and the present, with the door very much left open for a future.

“Ramsay Street is eternal and I like to think it will live on in the hearts and minds of the viewers, long after the final scene.”

He didn’t share too many details about how the show will actually end as the writers are still padding out the final eps as we speak.

The final season of Neighbours is currently airing on Ten.