Former Neighbours Star Lochie Daddo Wins Court Case After Being Sued By His…Neighbour

Former Neighbours star Lochie Daddo has just won his day in court against his Northern Beaches neighbour over a set of palm trees. You simply cannot get any more Northern Beaches than this.

Lachlan and his wife Karina Brown represented themselves in court against their neighbours Stuart and Leanne Holdsworth who also represented themselves in court according to the SMH. Off to a solid start here, guys.

The battle took place in the Land and Environment Court of NSW which apparently is a real thing. Guess I haven’t had any palm tree-related fights I’ve needed to sort out…

The Holdsworths wanted action on the palm trees that were blocking the “iconic views to Newport Beach and Peak surf break”. First-world problems, eh?

John Douglas was the acting commissioner on the job and very cheekily implied the Holdsworth case against the Daddo fam was cooked from the moment they brought the case to court.

“Mr and Mrs Holdsworth were quite unprepared to prosecute their claim and appeared entirely unfamiliar with the requirements of the Act,” Douglas said as per

“Had they been more conscientious, they may have appreciated that their case was doomed to fail, and thus not wasted their neighbours’ time.”

“Mr and Mrs Holdsworth displayed an unusual sense of entitlement to compel their neighbours to prune their trees, apparently based on some nebulous notion that it was ‘unneighbourly’ for them to do otherwise.”

DAMN. Tree court is FIRE.

We’ve been missing out, team. I’m gonna need a 24-hour live stream to NSW Land and Environment Court. STAT.

Congrats to Lochie, I guess?

In other vaguely related Neighbours news — the show wrapped up filming for its final episodes this week. You can suss our cute AF collection of piccies here.

In fact, an absolute slew of iconic characters has been pipped to return for the finale. Now if only they’d gotten Liam HemsworthDelta Goodrem or Margot Robbie back too. It’d be an absolute dream of a television episode.

If you’re mourning the end of one of Australia’s most iconic TV shows (sorry Home and Away), you can still have a little reminisce of the wildest storylines on Neighbours.

There’s no better way to prepare yourselves for what will undoubtedly be a chaos-filled final episode.