Neighbours Producers Are Reportedly Scrambling To Save The Show From Getting Axed This Year

neighbours cancelled kylie minogue

Neighbours producers are reportedly rushing to save the iconic Aussie show from getting axed later this year. If it ends up happening then honestly RIP to the next generation of Margot Robbies and Kylie Minogues.

According to a source via The Sun, the soap opera is expected to wrap up in August, just a few weeks shy of the series’s 40th anniversary. Oof.

The source says that the show is struggling to break even with how much it costs to produce and what it makes in advertising. Everybody needs good neighbours until they don’t pay up.

“Channel 5 pay Fremantle Australia many millions of pounds every year and, sadly, there’s a shortfall of about £5million in what it brings back in through advertising.”

To make things even more tragic, the source claims that the cast and crew back in Melbourne “haven’t been told about the decision”.

“They will be devastated,” they said.

Neighbours is an institution people grew up on.”

The source further claims that producers are reportedly trying to get Kylie Minogue and other big-name former cast members on set for a one-off guest appearance as a last-minute attempt to save the show from getting canned.

“There’s a lot of disbelief and sadness among those who know it’s struggling,” they said.

“They are currently in the process of approaching a number of former cast members, including Kylie, to make a special return.

“If it’s the end, it really would be something special to have her back in Ramsay Street one last time.”

A spokesperson for British broadcaster Channel 5 which airs Neighbours in the UK appears to support the source’s claims in a statement to BBC reporter Ricky Boleto. They say that the station will no longer air the show “beyond this summer”.

“It’s been a much-loved part of our schedule for more than a decade, and we’d like to thank the cast, Fremantle and all of the production team for their fantastic work on this iconic series,” they tell Boleto.

The show faced cancellation back in September 2020. Russel Brand and Toadie crossed paths on the show in an episode that aired that same year. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide there. Members of the cast and crew were also accused of racism by at least two actors of colour in April.