Nazeem Hussain Tears Up Over Aussies Fighting Islamophobia On ‘I’m A Celeb’

If you train your cameras on anyone for long enough, you’re bound to capture them saying something poignant. Against all odds, that also seems to apply to I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 

On tonight’s episode, comedian Nazeem Hussain – who legitimately does deserve cameras on him – issued a pretty emotional speech about his family’s Islamic faith, and how it relates with broader Australian culture. 

For the show’s Jungle Radio bit, in which contestants are given a soapbox (or its jungly equivalent. A bundle of vines, perhaps?) to express what’s on their mind, Hussain recounted the personal aftermath of 9/11, saying it felt like a turning point in Australian perceptions of his faith.

Hussain, who describes himself as a devout follower of the religion, also discussed the Sydney siege:

“One of the things that really made me feel positive about Australia going forward, was… Remember that thing at the Lindt cafe? So that was horrific, and it was very frightening for a lot of people.

And my sister then texted me, and she said ‘Nazeem, I’m scared to wear the hijab home, because I think people are going to attack me.’”
After telling his sister to take the modesty covering off because he didn’t believe wearing it to be worth the risk of violence, he noticed the hashtag #IllRideWithYou start to trend. 
She did, too, eventually telling him “‘nah, you know what, I now feel comfortable and safe that my fellow Australians are willing to stand up and support me.’

“And that actually made me cry when it happened, because we don’t see it enough. We don’t see Australians coming together for each other.

“And that man wanted to divide Australia. He wanted us to turn on each other. But what he did instead was make us come together.”
Hussain followed that up with a heartfelt message on the divisive nature of Pauline Hanson’s often discriminatory politics, saying “when [she] says things irresponsibly, she’s doing what ISIS is doing, splitting up Muslim and non-Muslim.”

But he closed up by saying ‘Strayans use that kind of moment to become stronger as a community, rather than splinter apart. 

Onya, Nazeem. Hell, even Steve Price was onboard with the message. Catch the full clip below:

Source and photo: I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! / Channel 10.