We Could Be Getting A National Treasure 3 So They Better Lock Up The Declaration Of Independence

We could be getting a gorgeous gorgeous National Treasure 3 (the threequel, you could say) starring Nicolas Cage, in case you were after a heavy hit of noughties nostalgia.

That’s right, despite it being well over a decade since National Treasure: Book of Secrets there are new hints we might be en route to movie three. I hope this time they try and steal the full Statue of Liberty.

This spicy bit of goss comes from a Reddit Ask Me Anything with Jerry Bruckheimer to promote Top Gun: Maverick. Bruckheimer produced both of the original National Treasure films.

One Redditor asked Bruckheimer whether he had any plans to work with Nicolas Cage again.

His reply has put hope in the hearts of every National Treasure-obsessed noughties child (me).

“Absolutely,” he replied.

“I love Nicolas, he’s a brilliant actor and we are currently working on a script for National Treasure.”

Truly this is the good news I needed.

The last we heard of a National Treasure 3 wasn’t exactly promising. Earlier this year Nicolas Cage brought up the film in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

He was asked about a potential rumoured sequel to his 1997 film Face/Off.

“I have not heard hide nor hair about it. So often these things we read about are just conjecture without any base or foundation to it. I feel the same about National Treasure 3,” he said.

“It’s been 14 years. There’s no there, there. So, is it fun to think about? Sure.”

 So not exactly promising there. But Bruckheimer’s comments seem to imply National Treasure 3 does in fact have a foundation and Cage will be involved.

Side bar: did anyone else not clock that Cage’s character in the movie is called Benjamin Franklin Gates? As in the US President Benjamin Franklin? That went completely over my head as a seven-year-old, I have to admit.

While National Treasure 3 is as shrouded in mystery as the lore of the Declaration of Independence, a spin-off TV show has been confirmed.

It was announced by Disney+ in March 2022 and will feature a brand new cast. Our protagonist is Jess Morales (Lisette Alexis), a 20-year-old who migrated to America under the DREAM Act.

It’ll also star Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha, who was in the OG film series. You may remember him as Nicolas Cage’s bespectacled sidekick Riley Poole.

The National Treasure TV series will be produced by Jerry Buckheimer.

So while we’re holding out hope for that mystical National Treasure 3, at least the NTCU (National Treasurer Cinematic Universe) will be getting a much needed expansion.