It appears Professor Binns has been replaced because Game of Thrones alumni Natalie Dormer has officially joined the Wizarding World as narrator of the audiobook version of Harry Potter: A History of Magic. 

Yes, yes, and yes.

A History of Magic is an original non-fiction audiobook, that much alike its title, reveals all the stories and mysteries behind real-world magic and how it influenced the ginormous series by J.K Rowling. Think European runes, Chinese oracle bones, crystal balls, broomsticks, giants, and werewolves.

However, instead of Professor Binns finding a way to bore you into oblivion, Dormer has stepped in to breathe some life into the subject.

Per Pottermore there’ll also be a whole lot of treats for the average Potterhead including:

Handy charms to make yourself invisible and even how to turn yourself into a lion, the centuries-old fascination with the philosopher’s stone and Nicolas Flamel, as well as reading palms and pulling mandrakes. It is structured according to the subjects taught at Hogwarts – from Potions to Defence Against the Dark Arts – and also sheds light on the development of the Harry Potter series thanks to a dive into J.K. Rowling’s own archive as well as those of her publishers.

The audio production will also feature interviews with Jim Dale and Stephen Fry, veteran narrators who read the US and UK audiobook editions of Harry Potter. There’ll also be interviews with fantastic illustrators Jim Kay and Olivia Lomenech Gill. 

Harry Potter: A History of Magic, the audiobook will hit Audible on October 4 – the same day an exhibit of the same name opens over in the States at the New York Historical Society. 

Unfortunately, pre-orders are only available in the US and UK so October 4 it is.

In the mean time, please enjoy/get ridiculously excited over this promo vid for the audiobook:


You can also get your hands on the hard copy of A History of Magic via Amazon Australia, HERE.

Image: Pottermore / Harry Potter: A History of Magic