Pls Cringe Over A Ch7 Reporter Going Full ‘Pick Me’ At Venus Williams Only To Get Snubbed

natalie barr venus williams oscars red carpet

Channel Seven journo Natalie Barr made an absolute cringe clown of herself trying to interview legendary tennis champs Serena and Venus Williams at the 94th Oscars Academy Awards on live telly. Step aside Matt Doran, a new challenger to embarrass us on the international stage has arrived.

Barr was at the Oscars Red Carpet on Monday for The Morning Show. She tried to get the Williams sisters’ attention to chat to them about Reinaldo Marcus Green‘s film King Richard. It followed their rise to tennis stardom and was nominated for several awards.

But Barr spent her whole three minutes on air trying to get the sisters’ attention and not actually interviewing them. They were busy speaking to actual Hollywood press outlets such as Hollywood Access and ET standing on either side of the Channel Seven journo.

It’s a bit unclear how an Australian media network that dropped the ball on an exclusive interview with Adele managed to get front-row seats to the red carpet. But whatever.

Barr stood next to the Williams sisters’ interviews and spoke about them like they weren’t standing right there. Williams’ team then gave the Channel Seven journo a bunch of suss looks for her cringe-worthy unprofessionalism.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Barr then repeatedly called Venus her sister’s name when the pair walked away from where Barr was standing. It wasn’t until someone corrected Barr that she called out to Venus by her actual name.

“Venus, Venus! Venus, hi, Australian TV. Hello! Venus,” she shouted to the Williams sister from several metres away.

“Maybe If I go that way… Venus! Hello! We love tennis!”

I cringed so hard at this. It was just so unimaginably awkward. Serena and Venus weren’t interested. Barr bestie, I wish you took the hint.

But unfortunately she didn’t. Barr then grabbed an open pack of Tim Tams and tried to offer it to Venus. She put them away when Venus walked back towards her to chat with ET.

Barr then stood next to Venus looking at her as she talked to the ET journos. She looked like a kid trying to get a teacher’s permission in class.

The Morning Show host Kylie Gillies then commented on Venus’ height and “statuesque” figure to co-host Larry Emdur back in the Sydney studio.

It was extremely uncomfortable to hear two white presenters gawk at a Black woman like that. But it was also uncomfortable because Venus just spent the last two minutes trying to avoid the shouty white woman waving a pack of biscuits at her.

Barr then pointed her microphone towards Venus to get a snippet of her interview with ET. As if that’s not the biggest metaphor for Australia’s place in the world.

Catch the full cringeworthy clip below.

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