HOO BOY: Nasser Sultan Has Already Yeeted Himself Out Of MAFS All-Stars During The First Ep

nasser sultan

The infamous Married At First Sight All-Stars episodes began filming last night and hoo boy, we’ve already got a quitter in Nasser Sultan.

According to The Wash, Sultan quit halfway through the first episode after multiple clashes with different cast members, resulting in him storming off and going back to his hotel at 10.30pm.

Sultan’s night kicked off with him being called out by a number of the former Married At First Sight stars for shit-talking them to the media. Honestly, what would you expect to happen?

Dean Wells, Ryan Gallagher and Mike Gunner all reportedly gave Sultan a talking-to for his post-show behaviour.

But the major clash was between him and Cyrell Paule, who he criticised for her relationship with Eden Dally (Love Island) – with whom she shares a son, Boston.

“Nasser couldn’t handle the heat and just left. He told producers he only came for the headlines, money and ratings and didn’t need to listen to Cyrell swearing at him,” an inside source told The Wash.

Honestly, this is what the money is for. His whole paycheck comes from causing drama and making these two episodes a hit.

“He was seething and said he doesn’t know if he’ll return for the second part of the reunion on Wednesday. Everybody calling him out was a bit of a wake-up call but he wouldn’t apologise. He just told them all he was the biggest celebrity,” they added.

For starters, there’s no way he’s the biggest celebrity the show has produced, but I truly admire the hustle there, my dude.

I’m not quite sure what any of them expected going into the show, but when you put a number of the most dramatic stars from previous seasons in a room together, shit is *obviously* going to go down.

There’s no word on exactly when MAFS All-Stars will hit our screens, but if rumours are to be believed, it should be just a few short weeks before we’re watching all of this bullshit on TV. Honestly, pass the bloody popcorn.