Narcos Obsessed? ‘American Made’ Gives A Whole New Side To The Pablo Saga

As someone who’s been told they look near-identical to Pablo Escobar strictly because of their moustache game, I’ve always found his story intriguing. I’m not alone in this apparently, with shows like Narcos having copped a cult following off the back of this man’s undeniably cooked existence. So yeah, it’s pretty obvious why Universal‘s upcoming release American Made is getting Pablo-loving-punters thirsty AF.

The life of Barry Seal seems as though it was preordained to become a Hollywood classic. He cut his teeth as a commercial pilot in the 80s, but was eventually given the flick by Trans World Airlines after being arrested for casually trying to get plastic explosives into Mexico. After a mistrial, Seal then reportedly fell into working for the CIA. Then, SOMEHOW, he got caught up smuggling drugs for the Medellín Cartel under the stewardship of Escobar and the Ochoa Brothers – playing both groups off against one another.

Given the dangerous game he was playing, Seal eventually found himself in some seriously hot water with the fuzz. Subsequently, he became a snitch for the DEA to dodge jail time – a decision that certainly didn’t work in his favour (going up against the likes of Escobar? Ain’t nobody got time for that).

Cool (albeit hectic) shit, right?

To execute such an epic story, American Made needed some heavyweights – and they found ’em in the form of Tom Cruise and Doug Liman. Check out the film’s trailer to gauge just how well these two have come together to bring this tale to life:

American Made drops in cinemas on August 24, and as you can see, this ain’t going to be a film you’ll want to miss. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of things you shouldn’t miss, cop a load of this fkn HUGE competition we’re running.

Together with our mates at Universal, we’re giving one of you lucky humans (+ a mate of your choosing) the chance to win a nek-level trip to Pablo Escobar’s private estate, Casa Malca, in Mexico. The place has been transformed into a lush 5-star estate, which makes it the perfect destination for you to spend five nights at. The full prize includes:

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Good luck, y’all.