We are one week out from Narcos: Mexico folks and to celebrate, Netflix unleashed the final trailer for the latest chapter in the story – inspired by the birth of Mexico’s infamous drug war.

Again, this new season of Narcos is set in a new country so no more Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal). Instead, we have Michael Peña (Fury, The Martian, Ant-Man, Shooterwho stars as American DEA agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena, man tasked with the mission of bringing down a very powerful drug lord.

His name? Félix Gallardo played by the excellent Diego Luna. Unlike his genuinely charming and lovable characters in Rogue One and The Terminal, Luna stars as the murderous, cold-blooded Gallardo nicknamed the El Padrino (Godfather) of Mexico.

Gallardo carried the Guadalajara Cartel to dominance in the 1980s with their empire operating right on the United States and Mexico border.

Determined to bring Gallardo to justice, Camarena moves to Guadalajara with his wife and child (they’ll probably end up getting kidnapped, let’s be real). Although, as Narcos fans would know by now this isn’t going to be easy.

The very real Gallardo is currently in prison.

So far, we’ve copped a a teaser and an official trailer – each more bloody than the last. This one? No different. But, we do get a closer look at Luna as Gallardo and well, he’s got the drug-lord–deadly-eye-look down pat.

Narcos: Mexico hits Netflix, November 16. 

Catch the trailer below.

Christ, that’s intense.

In the meantime, you absolutely still have time to re-binge season one (at least) just to re-experience the beauty that is Wagner Moura‘s acting and impressive commitment to the role of one Pablo Escobar. 

Image: Netflix