After the events of Season Three Narcos, we all knew one thing – Javier Peña’s incredible story had come to an end which meant saying goodbye to leading man, Pedro Pascal. 

It was bittersweet, to say the least especially because rumours of a fourth season were already making the rounds. So, who would it be? Who would replace Pascal?

Michael Peña – man from so many films including Fury, The Martian, Ant-Man, Shooter, and a bunch of war films.

Excellent choice, but it doesn’t end there because the almighty powerful Netflix gods selected Diego Luna as the series’ newest villain. And just like that, you’re hooked.

Cast your minds back to the first three seasons and you’ll know the series goes a little like this: DEA agent does just about everything to take down the ruthless drug cartels in Medellin, Columbia. In Season One and Two, it’s Wagner Moura as the infamous Pablo Escobar – Colombian drug lord – while Pascal and Boyd Holbrook play DEA agents Javier Peña and Steve Murphy, respectively.

In Season Three it’s the entirety of the Cali Cartel, once again hunted by Agent Peña.

But in Season Four, we’ll be introduced to the Guadalajara Cartel, lead by Félix Gallardo of Mexico and instead of the events taking place in the mid ’90s alike the first two seasons, we’re headed back to the ’80s.

The Guadalajara Cartel controlled most of the drug trafficking along the Mexico-United States border. Gallardo is known as the ‘Godfather’ of Mexican drug trafficking and is currently in prison.

You’ll know Luna for his work as the sweetheart from The Terminal and rebel with a cause from Rogue One. 

Yesterday, Netflix’s @seewhatsnext account unleashed the first images from the upcoming fourth season and they’re a treat and a half:

Witness the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1980s as Félix Gallardo (Luna) takes the helm, unifying traffickers in order to build an empire and evade DEA agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña).

I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to have my love for Diego Luna questioned when he, as Gallardo, gets up to whatever messed up shit drug lords do.

An official release date has yet to be announced but judging by the past seasons, let’s say early September, 2018. 

P.S ‘Cos it’s so bloody iconic:

Image: Netflix