This 9-Yr-Old’s ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Routine Will Burst Your Heart Into 1000 Loving Pieces

It’s been a goddamn week, so I simply refuse to finish it up with anything other than pure, wholesome, endorphin-producing content. Enter Jude, a 9-year-old who’s gone viral over the weekend for his incredibly spot-on rendition of Napoleon Dynamite’s iconic dance sequence. This’ll do the trick.

Jude learnt the routine for his school talent show, and his mum Katie subsequently posted the video to Facebook (which has now gone absolutely gangbusters). “Jude actually learned [the routine] from watching YouTube videos,” Katie told POPSUGAR. “He taught it to himself and surprised us when he asked if he could sign up for his school talent show. He showed us before he performed it for his classmates. Jude is a very talented kid and loves making people smile!” My usually dormant heart, it’s erupting.

The video has since amassed over 1.8 million views in a matter of days, with everyone rightly praising Jude for his legendary moves. I mean, from his initial shy side-to-side sways to that inevitable floor roll, Jude embodies Napoleon’s demeanour in its entirety. It’s bloody adorable. We love to see it.

There. That’s it – pure, wholesome, endorphin-producing content. I wouldn’t have it any other way. May you fall asleep to dreams of ligers and fat lards, and remember to do whatever you feel like you want to do this coming week, gosh.

Oh, and Jude, heck yes I’d vote for you. #VoteForJude