It’s A Bloody Merry Christmess In Netflix’s ‘Nailed It! Holiday!’ Trailer

Nailed It

If there’s one show out there that makes you feel good about being a shit-to-average baker then Netflix‘s Nailed It! is it. After two seasons, and a Queer Eye crossover, the series is making its return with some delightful holiday episodes this December. 

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If you’ve been curious about the show but have yet to give it a go then Nailed It! is like Masterchef but with genuinely amateur cooks. None of that dry ice bullshit. Said cooks try their best to recreate sweet masterpieces and whoever gets closest to doing just that wins $10,000. This may sound like a piece of cake but these masterpieces are way-way-way-way-way-way-way out of their skill set.

Honestly, it may look doable but the reality is very much the opposite.

Credit: Netflix


Anywhoo, Nailed it! Holiday! will bring some more amateur bakers to the stage as they try their hand at holiday-themed goodies… like the above.

As always, comedian Nicole Byer and master pastry chef Jacques Torres will host the show alongside a couple of celebrity guest judges.

One of these guest judges? Jason Mantzoukas from Netflix’s Big Mouth and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Nailed It! Holiday! will land on Netflix, December 7. 

You can treat yourself to the trailer below.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some ~professional~ chefs then you might be interested in the streaming giant’s latest competitive cooking show, The Final Table. 

In short, a bunch of chefs – some with Michelin Stars – compete for a spot at the Final Table – an exclusive group of deeply renowned chefs from around the world including Clare Smyth, Grant Achatz, and Enrique Olvera. 

Top chefs Mark Best and Shane Osborn represent Australia in the show.