‘My Kitchen Rules’: JP And Nelly Were Sick As Dogs Prior To Their Elimination

Disney princess-slash-tea ambassador Nelly Riggio and male human being JP Huillet were kicked off My Kitchen Rules this week, mortally offending judge Colin Fassnidge with a borscht that failed to knock him down. 
(My Kitchen Rules also set a new standard for first-world problems this week, but that’s neither here nor there).
MKR is notorious for pushing its contestants to the brink of mental and physical collapse to get good sound bites out of them, and in a post-elimination interview, Huillet confirmed that this practice is still alive and well this year. 
Speaking to News Corp, he revealed that he and Riggio were bed-ridden in the days leading up to their cook-off with affable miners Alex & Gareth, saying that the show kept them run-down and sleep-deprived to ensure riveting TV.  
Nelly added:

“We lost a lot of weight because we weren’t eating well and there’s a lot of stress on your body. I know Lauren (of Lauren & Carmine fame) was really sick for a while and Alex nearly got pneumonia but that’s what happens when your immune system is down and you are working so hard.”
They weren’t the only casualties of MKR this year – it has been revealed that the reason Paige Rohrlach missed a challenge this week is because she sliced her hand up real bad while filleting a disgusting fish. 
Rohrlach told news and current affairs publication New Idea that she still experiences pain from the injury months after it happened:

“I tried to delay the surgery so we could do the challenge and the surgeon said that it was a dirty fish so it would have gone gangrenous. It’s still tender and numb. It’s a weird pain.”
Zana, who does not experience physical pain, has not commented.

Source: News Corp.