Elon Musk Reportedly Breaks Tumblr’s Heart By Dating Synth Wizard Grimes

In a development that could only ever occur in the fleeting few moments before the end of civilisation as we know it, it’s been reported that Tesla founder Elon Musk and boundary-pushing synth wizard Grimes are dating.

Page Six broke the story, claiming that the pair bonded over a mutual appreciation for the Roko’s Basilisk thought experiment.

If that sounds nerdy and obscure to you, that’s because it is. Roko’s Basilisk emerged from a forum post, which posited that any suitably powerful (and malevolent) artificial intelligence would be able to identify and torture anyone who was not active in its development.

Fun fact: by reading the above paragraph, you are now aware of Roko’s Basilisk, meaning that you could be damned to an eternity of pain for not dropping everything, right now, to bring our AI overlord into existence. Soz.

Anyway, Page Six reported Musk wanted to make a joke tweet about it – something along the lines of Rococo Basilisk, combining the above thought experiment with a reference to the lavish art style of the 18th century – but discovered Grimes already used the name Roccocco Basilisk for a character in her Flesh Without Blood video.

They reportedly got to chatting, and have even exchanged a bit of banter over Twitter. Musk told Post Malone that he’d listened to his new tracks Go Flex and Psycho on a playlist assembled by Grimes, and she seemed enthused about it.

So, that’s just great. Not only have the pair massively raised awareness of an idea that could legitimately spell the end of the human race if it comes into fruition, they have also potentially given us one of the weirdest celebrity pairings in recent memory.