Music Legend Redfoo Sold A Massive 144 Copies Of His New Album In Aus

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Former LMFAO frontman and Golden Sheaf glassing victim Redfoo has long considered Australia to be one of his prime territories, because apparently we love him here.
Well, no longer. His new album ‘Party Rock Mansion’, which nobody told us about, sold only 144 copies, nationally. You could blame that on the slow and sad decline of music sales, sure, but you’d be wrong. Because those 144 albums only landed him at number 172 on the ARIA charts.
It’s dark news, obviously, and we’re calling on the government to release the names of the 144 individuals who purchased this album. The people of Australia have a right to know about these animals that walk among us.
For the record, this writer saw Redfoo last year in a taqueria in Los Angeles, flanked by two sad balding dudes wearing shirts that said ‘Party Crew’ or something like that. So the writing was on the wall.
Also, after he was glassed, he claimed that it was the first time he had ever seen a pint glass, so we’re very skeptical about his *actual* party credentials.
Vale, Redfoo. We will never see another like you on our golden shores again.
Photo: Getty Images / Keipher McKennie