It’s been a good day for Twitter. First were the obvious thoughts people realised after a million years, next were the Avengers: Infinity Wars insight, and now we have the Museum of Failure in Los Angeles. Isn’t that something else?

Thanks to the American news outlet Reuters Top News, US Twitter was blessed with the knowledge that a gallery in their country has a Colgate Beef Lasagne on display. No really, it’s true.

I see a lasagne but all I can envision is toothpaste. Delicious.

According to their website, the Museum of Failure enshrines the world’s most historic epic fails. It first kicked off in Sweden before finding its way to sunny California where it now displays more than 100 failures. You can thank utter genius Dr. Samuel West who after researching corporate success and innovation decided he’d had enough of glorified and not-so-common“success stories”. So he put together the world’s failures to remind us that innovation and creation is no easy feat.

Sooo, what can you expect at this fine museum? Apple’s Newton Message Pad that I completely forgot existed and of course, a snail hat because well, it’s an excellent idea that unfortunately did not take off.

IKEA’s slogan is “Swedish for common sense.” #Snailhat ???? ????

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There’s also a board-game of one, President Donald Trump. I’m Back and You’re Fired! TRUMP – The Game. That shade. And who could forget our most beloved and needed Bic Pens “For Her”. Miss them.

Fingerless gloves also made the exhibition as well as Harley-Davidson perfume and plain Oreos. As in just the biscuit part without the cream. No, I don’t know why that was ever a thing.

ALSO, this no-name doll?

I’m so puzzled as to why it failed!!

Naturally, news of this museum caused a riot on Twitter and loads flocked to see if any of their exes made the list (kidding, not really).

That stings.

Well, this turned out darker than I hoped.

Reuters put together a tasty video for you all so if you’re looking to feel better about yourself and any ‘bad’ idea you ever had, this is the video for you.

Image: The Museum of Failure