Lord, have mercy, for we cannot handle the bounteous feast of nostalgia laid before us.

MTV have sprung the announcement that the VH1 Classic channel will be supplanted by MTV Classic on August 1, and that change is more than just a splash of fluorescent paint. 

The brand-spankers rebrand will play host to a slew of absolutely crucial 80s, 90s and early noughties telly, straight from the vault: Laguna Beach, Daria, Cribs, TRL, Beavis & Butt-head and stacks more will be broadcast straight to your millennial eyeballs. 

MTV Cracks Opens The Vault, Unveils New Channel With Your Primo 90s Faves

Oh, the more binge-able mainstays from that golden era of reality TV – Laguna Beach and The Real World included – will also be wrenched into 2016 in season-long blocks over the weekends. Truly, they still know what y’all want.

If you’re actually one of those weirdos who got hyped on the “music” part of Music Television, you’ll probs be psyched to hear they’ll be wheeling out some cracker MTV Unplugged sessions. Yeah, that includes the Nirvana session, too.

MTV Cracks Opens The Vault, Unveils New Channel With Your Primo 90s Faves

The whole shebang comes on the 35th anniversary of the lauded channel’s arrival on planet Earth, and to kick proceedings off, they’ll be broadcasting the first hour of MTV’s on-air history through Facebook Live. They’re still hip, you know.

We’ve reached out to MTV Australia for more deets on how, pray tell, us Australians will be permitted to gorge on Road Rules when the channel goes live. Watch this space. 

Source: MTV.