All Hail Mr Dancing Bus Driver, The Greatest TikTok Account To Ever Exist

Occasionally, I’ll stumble across a content creator who reignites a fiery passion within my usually-icy heart and reminds me that good people do exist in this debaucherous world.

My latest muse? TikTok’s @mrbusdriver12 or, as I like to call him, Mr Dancing Bus Driver or, as he will inevitably be called by the entire world, The Supreme Ruler Of The Tok. I came across him on my feed this afternoon and – I shit you not – I shed one sole tear of joy. Mr Dancing Bus Driver’s profile bio simply reads “be happy”, and happy, I was.

[jwplayer oTLxnTkI]

Mr Dancing Bus Driver has amassed over 8k followers with his 5 dancing videos, with fans understandably having no choice but to stan a man in his uniform.

Please feast your eyes on these glorious Toks.


Okay, so that video didn’t necessarily pay homage to his “be happy” branding, but who can blame the king? Mr Dancing Bus Driver is showing that, as humans, we’re bound to experience an array of emotion. When he lip synced, “watch me take a good thing and fuck it all up”, I felt that.

“We must protect him at ALL costs!!!” user Ismelllikebeef457 commented, and I whole-heartedly agree. (Also, that username… I SMELL LIKE BEEF… CACKLING.)

I liken all of his TikToks to my future children – I simply would never be able to choose a favourite, as they are all beautiful in their own unique ways – however I am partial to him dancing in his bus.

I’m just such a fucking fan of Mr Dancing Bus Driver and his infectious positivity. If these videos combined don’t win a Logie, I’m suing.

Everyone please show him love.

Tony – that’s his real name (hehe) – if you’re reading this, you’re the man. Te amo.