Morning Show Spruikers Get Caught Chatting About Penguins Live On Air

There aren’t too many things more wildly inane than the chattering of advertorial in-program infomercials on mid-morning TV shows like The Morning Show.

The on-set presented ads generally exist to fill up time in a TV timeslot generally only viewed by sick kids off school and the early rising unemployed.
But then occasionally it’ll pull an absolute gem out of the bag and make the whole endeavour worthwhile again.
Thanks to the majesty of live TV, The Morning Show’s resident informercial team got caught short on a live cross, with the show putting a wildly pointless conversation about penguins to air as final make-up touches were being applied.
It’s everything and nothing all at once and we are dying.

That clearing of the throat. The newspaper lob. The FLAWLESS segue into the segment.
It’s beautiful.