Despite all of this [gestures vaguely] happening, the universe still clicks on and the planet is still turning. It also means that we’ve been treated to some very lovely performances in the night’s sky over the last few months. Tonight’s no different, because the moon and two planets will align in a perfect diagonal tonight, and you can see it with the naked eye.

And lucky for all you Melburnians, you’ll be able to see it too for about 40 minutes before the city’s stage 4 curfew kicks in. So time your hour of exercise accordingly.

As per Broadsheet, the moon, Jupiter and Saturn will all line up in a neat little display tonight from around 7.20pm AEST, and anyone in Australia can cop an eyeful of this pretty uncommon planetary display as soon as it gets dark enough.

The trio already put on a bit of a display on August 1st, forming a nice little bright set in the sky, and we should be able to catch another glimpse of them in formation again tonight.

Because the two planets have such long orbits, this astronomical phenomenon isn’t super common, with this kind of alignment only happening every 20 years. But apparently, if you miss tonight’s display thanks to some pesky cloud cover or too much light leak from where you’re standing, you should be able to catch another glimpse of the trio trying out out-shine each other at the end of August, when the moon comes back around again.


So if you’ve got not much else on tonight (it’s a Monday in the midst of a pandemic, wtf else are you doing?) then put your eyes to the skies and see if you can see the three celestial angels up there hanging out.

It’s also a full moon in Aquarius tonight (illuminating desires for freedom, revolution and change) and having her joined by Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn is sure to bring some kind of good vibes, right? We always love it when the planets align, both theoretically and literally.

And if you don’t believe in all that, at least it’s a nice show you probably won’t see again until 2040.

Image: The Simpsons