Evicted ‘Bachie’ Contestant Monique Forms Unholy Alliance With Jessika Power On Social Media

Now that Monique Morely has joined the ranks of ex reality TV contestants after being booted from The Bachelor last night, she’s free to talk her trash about her former co-stars on social media.

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As the episode aired, Morely shared her promo pic to Instagram and took a swipe at her fellow Matt Agnew-worshippers in the comments.

“I’m outspoken, but I’m kind. I’m protective and I’m loyal,” she began.

“If beautiful, strong women around me start to feel less,” she continued, obvs referring to one Abbie Chatfield and co. “I will stand up and speak my mind. Can U Not Tell?”

Fans flocked to the comments section to back Morely, writing things like:

“What an absolute stitch up! Team mon still lives on in my eyes. Can’t believe Matt asked you to leave, spewin! On to bigger and better things Monique! #teammon”

“Abbie is just a little snitch.”

“Where is the girl code these days. If Abbie was so offended by what mon said, why didn’t she stick up for mat on the spot? Instead of running to him like a immature child. All for the drama and manipulation. Mon, I’m sure you’ll find a man more compatible very soon. All the best doll xx”

Yep, looks like almost everyone is Team Dog Cunt, including former MAFS star Jessika Power who also showed her support for Morely by writing:

“You go girl! He seems like he’d have the personality of a wet towel anyway. Good on you for standing up for the women.”

Monique replied by saying: @jessika_power I FUCKING LOVE YOU.”

Move the heck over Ines, looks like there’s a new unholy alliance in town.