Legendary Archives Of Unseen Mitch Hedberg Material Are Set For Release

Lynn Shawcroft, the widow of legendary stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg, has revealed she kept his entire body of unreleased material – and that she’ll soon share that treasure trove with Hedberg’s fans and admirers.

Hedberg, who died in 2005 of an accidental drug overdose, was lauded for his unique style and delivery. While other comics of the era experimented with bombastic and confronting material, Hedberg essentially created miniature and surreal stories with each sentence.

In an essay for The Hollywood Reporter, comedian Shawcroft said those jokes were often borne of random musings jotted down on nearby papers, or recorded onto cassette, and that she’s in the process of digitising everything he noted before his death.

“I kept all the film and tapes and notes in three big iron safes in a cabin we had in the mountains,” Shawcroft said, adding there’s enough unseen footage alone for “a documentary that he could narrate himself!”

After contemplating her role as a grieving partner who also guards a beloved figure’s legacy, Shawcroft said “it’s taken me a long time to get to this place, but I think I’m finally ready to become a better widow.

“And that means at some point soon, all of you will be hearing and seeing Mitch again.”

It’s not yet clear in what form that never-before-seen content will be released, but we’re absolutely keen for more insight into the mind of a comedic great.