The fake account @bronxzooscobra is proving to be the Charlie Sheen-esque attraction of this week, with over 166,000 followers tuning in to follow our venomous crusader as he searches for a good time. Whoever is manning this baby has a great sense of humour, that’s for sure.

and our personal favourite…

TIME Magazine also conducted an interview with the cobra, which is funnier than anything they’ve published in the last two years.

How did you manage to escape the zoo?
Let’s just say it involved a paper clip, chewing gum and an old episode of MacGyver.

Why did you take to Twitter rather than dropping off the grid entirely?
I wanted to inspire zoo animals everywhere to take a bigger part in social media, like @ConansSquirrel and @Sockington. Also, I’m totally looking for a book deal.

How long do you plan to slither around the city? Do you have any other destinations in mind?
I just want to see the sights, maybe take in a show or two. If anyone has suggestions they should let me know.

What’s been your favorite destination in New York City?
Rockefeller Center was pretty exciting. I saw Tina Fey. I didn’t say anything to her. I just played it cool like a real New Yorker would.

What happens if you’re caught?
I assume that at some point the FBI will contact me to help them track down some other escaped animal. A partnership will form between me, the charming cobra, and a tough and by-the-book agent that only puts up with my flippant attitude because I get results.

It’s all fun and games now, but wait until someone runs into the thing in Central Park. #whereisthenearestambulance?

via Ottowa Citizen