Mischa Barton Out To Prove Her Career Didn’t Die When Marissa Did, Cast In New Jean Harlow Biopic

Mischa Barton’s post-OC career arc of being on the run (from acting), driving in the sun (unlicensed and under the influence of alcohol) and looking out for number one (turning her residual celebrity into a Melbourne Cup appearance fee) is poised to rise like a Phoenix reborn from the smoking wreckage of a season three finale car crash not even Ryan Atwood could save her from, after being cast as ill-fated Hollywood screen legend Jean Harlow, a role briefly played by Gwen Stefani in Martin Scorsese’s 2004 Howard Hughes biopic, The Aviator

Variety reports, “Mischa Barton has been cast as Jean Harlow in the biopic “By Love Reclaimed”…The script, written by Finkelstein, centers on the 1932 scandal in which MGM producer and Harlow’s husband Paul Bern was found shot to death in their Benedict Canyon Home — two months after Harlow had married him.”  

Speaking of deaths…

Congratulations, Coop. 

Via Variety