Miranda Kerr’s Career Not Slowed By Pregnancy

Marriage and pregnancy have done nothing to stop Miranda Kerr from being one of the hottest tickets and MILFs in town.

She will be the first pregnant model to appear on the cover of Vogue Australia. The January 2011 cover photographed by Carlotta Moye features Miranda six and a half month pregnant – and a little more covered up compared to her insta-meme W Magazine pregnancy shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Miranda also appeared on the 60 minutes last night alongside her mother and grandmother where they discussed the ins and outs of her extremely successful career and life in general. Ann Kerr – or ‘Nan’ as she is affectionately referred – confessed of her original opinions of Miranda’s work with lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret: “I nearly died, not my Miranda…But you’ve got to get used to it, if that’s the kind of work she does.”

Miranda’s mother Therese Kerr also shared this initial uncertainty based on her “preconceived ideas of the [modelling] industry”. She also talked about her initial attempt to stunt Miranda’s career, by including unflattering photos of Miranda which were sent to the Dolly modeling competition in 1997 confessing, “She never had the most beautiful teeth that she’s got now…I put in photos of her with crooked teeth.” This attempt obviously failed with Miranda winning the competition, launching her stellar career that she has today.

By Jordan Kretchmer

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty