Miranda Kerr Still Australia’s Most Binged Celebrity, People Still Use Bing

Hey guys. It is now December, which means it is peak season for self-analysis and introspection, manifested either through aggregated Top Ten-style lists or anxiety disorders. Opting for the former, search engine Bing.com has dished up its annual report of high-ranking search data to provide us with an insight into the Australian psyche, and also to provide us with the knowledge that Bing is still trying to make Bing happen.

For the third year running, fallen angel and rumoured James Packer squeeze Miranda Kerr is the ‘Most Binged’ Australian Celebrity, edging out far less interesting Australian Bingables like Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. The respective political party leaders may have been embroiled in a controversial and heavily publicised Federal election year, but even in spite of this all three lacked in the kind of dedicated personal brand governance that helps Miranda get to number one year after year. That, and the viable possibility that Bing.com is among the many search engines preferred by people who cherish supermodel breasts.

Also worth noting is the Most Binged Fitness & Foodie Fads 2013 which, purely based on the buzz words detected in my personal social media feeds throughout the year, are an 100% accurate account of the topics dominating all things #CleanEating and #Fitspo. Real talk: Is Crossfit a pyramid scheme or a cult? Is the Crossfit Corp paying people to spread the good word? Is there a referral quota all members must reach weekly? Is Soylent Green people? Seriously, I respect other people’s choices to get involved in something they personally reap positive benefits from, but can they please stop forcing everyone else to consider forging elite fitness and individual training goals.

Here’s a snap shot of what Bing-using Australians were searching for in 2013:

Most Binged Australian Celebrities 2013:
1. Miranda Kerr
2. Kevin Rudd
3. Tony Abbott
4. Julia Gillard
5. Shane Warne

Most Binged Fitness & Foodie Fads 2013:
1. Quinoa
2. Cross fit
3. Protein balls
4. Green Smoothie
5. Squat Challenge

Most Binged Internet Trends and Hashtag Language 2013:
1. Lol
2. Twerking
3. Fml
4. Yolo
5. Omg

Most Binged News Stories 2013:
1. Royal Baby Born
2. Boston Marathon Bombing
3. NSW Fires
4. Miley Cyrus Twerking
5. Spanish Train Crash

Most Binged Sports Teams 2013:
1. Sydney Swans
2. Hawthorn Hawks
3. Fremantle Dockers
4. Parramatta Eels
5. South Sydney Rabbitohs

Most Searched TV Shows 2013:
1. Big Brother
2. Game of Thrones
3. Breaking Bad
4. X Factor
5. The Voice

Most Searched Songs 2013:
1. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines
2. Katy Perry – Roar
3. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
4. Lorde – Royals
5. Lady Gaga – Applause

Main image by Larry Busacca via Getty Images