The Internet’s Convinced Orlando Bloom Gave Miranda Kerr’s Old Ring To Katy Perry

ICYMI: Orlanda Bloom and Katy Perry got engaged on Valentine’s Day as confirmed via an Instagram snap of the ring, captioned with “full bloom”.

Cute, right? Read on…

As the snap of the flower-shaped rock started to do the ’rounds online, fans noticed a stunning similarity between Perry’s engagement ring and the ring Bloom gave to one Miranda Kerr many moons ago.


Let’s get a closer look and compare the pair, shall we?



Miranda’s ring, which she received in June 2010 from the Pirates of the Caribbean star, featured a single stone in the middle surrounded by smaller diamonds. The flower-shaped statement piece was attached to a yellow gold band.

The main similarity is that the pop star’s ring from the actor is also flower-shaped, though the pink center stone is offset by eight littler diamonds and finished off with a yellow gold band.

Eyebrows have been raised over the similar floral shape and some punters have even suggested that the ring might be one in the same but reshaped for Perry.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Ritani vice president and diamond expert Josh Marion disputed the theory, describing Perry’s ring as ‘one-of-a-kind’.

“This one-of-a-kind ruby or a vivid pink ring appears to be approximately two carats and is surrounded by eight half-carat diamonds that accentuate this precious gem,” he said. “I would insure this ring for at least a half a million dollars, if it’s truly a ruby. If it’s a vivid pink diamond, it would be worth around $5 million.”

Guess we’re gonna have to take his word for it but super embarro if true.