Where Are The Stars Of Netflix’s Wild Show Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult Now?

Miranda Derrick, BDash, Melanie Wilking and other dancers from Netflix's Dancing For The Devil The 7M TikTok Cult

I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about anything but Netflix’s new docuseries Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult since I watched it. I binged it in one go, and instantly started tracking down the documentary participants and subjects to figure out what’s happened since filming stopped.

If you’re clueless about the new hit show, let me break it down. It follows the Shekinah Church in Los Angeles, with the founder and pastor Robert Shinn expanding his church to include an influencer and TikTok management company called 7M. 

In 2022, the church was flooded with scrutiny, after influencer and TikTok dancer Melanie Wilking along with her parents Dean and Kelly shared a tearful Instagram Live video. In the video, they claimed family member Miranda Derrick was part of the alleged cult Shekinah, and had been barred from contacting her for a year. 

Miranda and Melanie had previously shot to fame as The Wilking Sisters, making dance videos together across social media platforms. However, in the show, her family claimed that after Miranda tied the knot with James ‘BDash’ Derrick and joined Shekinah Church, everything changed. 

The documentary follows the Wilking family, along with other famous TikTok dancers who have since left the church, and Shekinah members Melanie and Priscylla Lee, with the former trapped in the alleged cult for decades. 

Where are the subjects of Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult now, including Miranda Derrick, Kevin ‘Konkrete’ Davis, RainO and more? 

The Wilking Family

Are the Wilking family on good terms with Miranda? (Image: Instagram @melaniewilking)

Miranda Derrick (née Wilking)

Miranda Derrick

Miranda Derrick. (Image: Getty)

Miranda Derrick has been managed by 7M Films and Robert Shinn since 2020. After her sister’s allegations went viral in 2022, she shared a statement with The Cut, saying she wasn’t “a hostage”. 

“I go to church and I have faith in God. If one day I wish to pursue my faith elsewhere, I will and feel completely free to do that. As far as my career, my time at 7M Films has been one of the most exciting years ever and if one day I wish to partner with a different management company or start my own company, I will. No one is forcing me to do anything. I am excited to move forward in this incredible walk with God, an amazing marriage and exciting career. I’m also looking forward to moving past all of this and mend my relationship with my family privately,” she said. 

She hasn’t addressed the documentary publicly, but did upload a video dancing with Kendra ‘KO’ Willis on Instagram and TikTok, with her caption raising eyebrows. 

“Dancing it out with my sis by my side,” she wrote. That was certainly a choice, considering everything going on with her actual sister at the moment.

She also attended her sister’s wedding recently, but was noticeably absent from any of the family photos shared by Melanie. The two snaps she shared from the website were of her, solo, so it’s unclear if BDash also went. 

Miranda and BDash continue to dance on social media, and even appeared as dancers in the recent Jake Gyllenhall Amazon Prime film Road House earlier this year. 

Melanie Wilking 

Melanie Wilking with her mother and grandma.

Melanie Wilking is close with her mum and grandma. (Image: Instagram @melaniewilking)

The dancer has continued to establish her own brand after losing The Wilking Sisters brand on social media. She features her family on social media often, even roping in her parents Dean and Kelly into some of her dance videos. She does share some photos and videos with her sister Miranda, but these aren’t super common, and her sister was missing from her ens celebrations in Las Vegas and family bridal shower.

Melanie tied the knot with NFL player Austin Ekeler days before the documentary was released, and has since been busy on her honeymoon in the Turks and Caicos Islands. 

She still had time to thank fans for watching the documentary, saying she appreciated all the support on her Instagram Story. 

“Of course the goal of sharing our story and doing the documentary… was to get my sister out of this group. But aside from that it’s spreading awareness of this group so it can’t happen to more people, because it is still currently happening,” she said.

James ‘BDash’ Derrick

BDash and Miranda Derrick on the red carpet

BDash and Miranda Derrick. (Image: Getty)

BDash originally shot to fame after competing on US dance shows So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance. He met Miranda after asking her to collaborate on a dance video, and then popped the question in August 2021.

The dancer first connected with the Shinn family after hiring Isaiah Shinn to film his dance videos and elevate them. From looking at his social media profiles, it appears he’s still working with the 7M management company today. 

The latest video on his Instagram account shows him dancing with Miranda to Sabrina Carpenter’s hit “Espresso”, with the comments being limited.  

Kevin ‘Konkrete’ Davis

Kevin 'Konkrete' Davis

Kevin ‘Konkrete’ Davis is now a dancer for Beyoncé. (Image: Instagram @konkrete_)

Kevin ‘Konkrete’ Davis also gained fame in the dance world after competing on America’s Best Dance Crew, World of Dance and So You Think You Can Dance. He was introduced to the Shekinah Church and 7M by BDash, and claimed in the Netflix documentary most of his earnings during this time were funnelled to Robert Shinn and his management company. 

After the Wilking family’s Instagram Live prompted media outlets to start reporting on the Shekinah Church, Konkrete left 7M alongside his partner Kailea Gray. He’s since joined a lawsuit, as per Rolling Stone, claiming Shinn is in charge of a “cult” that “required full physical and economic control over Shekinah members”.

His career has flourished since leaving 7M, performing as a dancer in Ryan Gosling’s 2024 Oscars performance of “I’m Just Ken” and nabbing a spot as a dancer on Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour. He’s happily married to Kailea and appears regularly on her social media pages. 

Kailea Gray

Kailea Gray

Kailea Gray is still with Konkrete and helps create some of his content. (Image: Instagram @konkrete_)

Kailea Gray works as a video creator and helps create some of her husband Konkrete’s dance videos. In one of her recent posts, she revealed that she built the website for Konkrete’s new album, and said working together makes their relationship stronger. 

Aubrey Fisher

Aubrey Fisher

Aubrey Fisher has launched a whole new career. (Image: Instagram @_aubreyfisher)

Aubrey Fisher seemed like a ray of sunshine in the documentary, and connected with Shekinah due to his religious background. He has over two million followers on Instagram, and has continued to make dance content. Sadly, he’s no longer with his then-girlfriend Kylie Douglas, but they are both part of the lawsuit against Shinn.

The talented content creator has also just released a single called “No Trace”. He’s called his new foray into music a “fresh start” and told fans he wants to “inspire and be great”. 

Kylie Douglas

Kylie Douglas

Kylie Douglas isn’t finished telling her story. (Image: Instagram @kyliedoug)

Kylie Douglas bravely filed a police report against Shinn for alleged sexual assault, but has rebuilt her life into something she’s fiercely proud of. She’s started her own dance company called The VoltZ Dance Company, training young dancers who compete in major dance competitions.

She’s not as famous as some of the other dancers in the documentary, but with over 230K followers across TikTok and Instagram, it’s nothing to sneeze at.


Miranda Derrick and RainO

RainO has some collabs with other 7M dancers like Miranda Derrick on his YouTube channel. (Image: YouTube @RainODancer)

Nick Raiano, also known as RainO, didn’t get a huge amount of screentime in the documentary. His parents, Migdalia and Lawrence Raiano, echoed comments from the Wilking family, saying that they believed RainO was forced to distance himself. The documentary finished with RainO sending text messages to his parents, but they don’t believe the messages are being written by him. 

RainO has now deleted his TikTok and Instagram accounts, but his YouTube channel is still active. His last post was on May 23, so it seems he’s still working with 7M. 

Vik White

Vik White

Vik White is more than just a TikTok dancer. (Image: Instagram @itsslavik)

This fact blew my mind: Vik White, original name Slavik Pustovoytov, is actually one of the dancers in the fake boyband August Moon from the Anne Hathaway film The Idea of You. He’s one of the most popular 7M members, with over 8.4 million followers on TikTok alone. 

A video he posted from earlier this month has the same background as one of Miranda’s videos, so it appears he’s still working with the management group. 

Melanie Lee

Melanie Lee with the Wilking Family

Melanie and The Wilking family have grown close. (Image: Instagram @melanielee)

Melanie Lee joined the Shekinah Church back in 2001 and stayed for 11 years. After being told she would have to become a wife to another church member, she asked her friend Marque Richardson to help her escape. The Dear White People actor showed up with a van and a baseball bat, and got her out. She tried to get her sister, Priscylla Lee, to leave with them, but Priscylla didn’t want to go. It was more than a decade before Priscylla left Shekinah, and the sisters were able to reconnect.

She’s now the CEO of a real-estate advisory agency she founded. She is currently expecting her second child, and is based in Los Angeles with her family.

Priscylla Lee

Melanie and Priscylla Lee with Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult poster

Melanie and Priscylla have been making up for lost time. (Image: Instagram @melanielee)

Priscylla Lee only left Shekinah while the documentary was being filmed, and is still adjusting to life on the outside. She stayed in the alleged cult for an agonising 23 years, and has since organised the main lawsuit against Shinn. She’s also filed a complaint against Robert Shinn for alleged sexual battery. Since the documentary was filmed, Priscylla has left Los Angeles in an attempt to move on. 

Robert Shinn

Robert Shinn from Shekinah Church

Robert Shinn founded Shekinah Church. (Image: Netflix)

It appears Robert Shinn is still active in the Shekinah Church, but has yet to comment publicly on the documentary. However, he did release a statement to Daily Mail back in 2022 about the Wilking family’s Instagram Live.

“The false and sensational allegations about 7M stem directly from a dispute between 7M-represented dancer Miranda Derrick and her estranged family,” he said at the time. 

“Despite her family’s claims, Miranda is a successful businesswoman and a loving wife and daughter who cares very much about her family. It is pathetic and contemptible to try to turn her private family matters into a tawdry public scandal for clicks and clout.”

You can watch all three episodes of Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult on Netflix now.

Feature image: Getty, Instagram @melaniewilking @melanielee @konkrete_ @kyliedoug, @itsslavik

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