Miranda Derrick Cut Melanie Wilking Off After Netflix’s Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult

Miranda Derrick and Melanie Wilking before Netflix's Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult was released

Miranda Derrick, TikTok dance star and subject of Netflix’s hit documentary Dancing For The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, has cut off all contact with her family. 

Her sister, Melanie Wilking, revealed where the siblings stand in an interview with People recently. Although Miranda attended Melanie’s wedding just days before the documentary was released, the pair haven’t spoken since – but not for lack of trying on Melanie’s side.

“I have reached out just saying, ‘I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk’,” she told the publication. 

“I honestly was not expecting a response. We’re both going through a lot. Emotions are heightened, so I know she’ll come around when she’s ready, but as of right now, I have not heard from her.”

The Wilking family used to be extremely close, but everything changed when Miranda Derrick joined the Shekinah church. (Image: Getty)

ICYMI, the documentary alleges that Miranda, her husband James ‘BDash’ Derrick’ and other dancers being managed by a company called 7M are part of a cult. The people involved are all members of the Shekinah church, run by pastor Robert Shinn, who also goes by the name of ‘Man of God’. 

Miranda has addressed the documentary twice, one to say she doesn’t “see eye to eye” with her family at this point in time, and another to address death threats and concerning behaviour from alleged stalkers

Soon after hearing about this, her sister Melanie denounced any aggressive or hateful behaviour. 

“We never wanted any sort of violence to come her way, and I’m very sorry that she has experienced that because our only intent was to save her from an unsafe environment and to give her love and know that we’re here to support her,” Melanie told People

“To have a genuine relationship with my sister, I knew we had to continue to speak out. I care more about her safety and her well-being, and so doing the documentary meant that we could progress that in a positive direction instead of just pretending like things weren’t happening when we know the truth about the organisation that she’s a part of.”

She continued: “We couldn’t just be bystanders… [it’s] also that we did not want other people to fall victim to this group, and we knew we needed to use our voices and share this.”

Since the doco landed on Netflix, the story continues to develop. An ex-member of the church and star of the series, Melanie Lee, has recently shared a petition to urge the Santa Ana Police Department to investigate Robert Shinn’s alleged crimes. It has over 12,000 signatures, and supporters have been vocal on social media.

I’m sure there will be more developments, because with the amount of people now invested in the Tiktok cult lore, it won’t be able to be swept under the rug.

Feature image: Getty