Milo Ventimiglia Is 100% Confirmed To Return For ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reunion

After we all got over the adrenaline kick gained from learning that not only is Gilmore Girls set for a limited-run reunion series, but that Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, and Kelly Bishop would all be returning to Stars Hollow as well, the real big question began to emerge.

Which, if any, of Rory Gilmore‘s former beaus would make their return as well?
We already knew that Matt Czuchry would be returning to the series as Logan Huntzburger, Rory’s last serious boyfriend in the original series run. News which, frankly, we could take or leave either way.
But today, HOOO BOY is there ever some good news for you all.
Milo Ventimiglia has confirmed his involvement in the series, meaning that the incomparable sweetheart known as Jess Mariano aka RORY’S BEST BOYFRIEND is making his way back to Stars Hollow, CT.
Posting on Twitter earlier today, Ventimiglia shared an image of a watermarked copy of the reunion script, meaning this whole thing is absolutely real and will actually happen.

Now if someone could just keep Jared Padalecki occupied for the next month or so while the series shoots so we don’t have to deal with bloody Dean again, this whole thing will be utterly perfect.
The Gilmore Girls reunion series will air on Netflix in four 90-minute specials. Release date is as-yet unknown.
Source: Uproxx.