Of all the Love Island Australia couples (aside from Teddy and Mac, who were basically forcing it down our throats that they were just pals) Millie Fuller and Mark O’Dare seemed like the least likely to last beyond day #1 outside of the villa.

Millie notoriously spent the entire show dumping boys for “ick” feelings, before finally and conveniently falling for Mark at the final hour, making it through to the top four couples.

The body language was all off, they seemed to have nothing in common – even her villa bestie Tayla was dubious about their romance.

Well strike me dead and call me Charlie, because Millie Fuller and Mark O’Dare seem to be very much still together, and very much swanning around Sydney looking loved-up as shit.

Crazy dog Mum making sure @markodare91 bonds with my girl ????

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Meeting the dog is a BIG DEAL, so I’m saying this is either legit or a very terrible idea for cashing in on their 5 minutes of fame. Like, fake your relationship all you want folks but DON’T INVOLVE THE INNOCENT PRECIOUS DOGGO.

Mark’s also started posting his own stuff (while on the show the contestant’s Insta accounts were controlled by producers) frothing over his ‘connection’ with Millie.

If these guys aren’t the first split I’ll eat my hat, I swear.

Image: Instagram / @millie1993