Whether you love her or you’re irked by her youth and success, there’s no denying Millie Bobby Brown has truly polarised the people’s opinions by doing… not much of anything really. One group who love to hate her, however, is the gays, who may be the entire reason that Millie Bobby Brown automatically turned the comments off on this pic of her in a car. Don’t worry, i’s fked, but I’ll explain.

So, because of the queers, Millie Bobby Brown can never enter a car again. I know, it sounds strange, but it’s true.

The power of memes has a chokehold on a lot of celebrities, and Brown is no exception. The thing is though, she has proven how aware of this fact she is, by automatically turning the comments off on a fire pic of her in the car behind the wheel.

Look, she knows what she’s doing, and we’ll get into the memes later, but for now, check out the pic.

No comments and millions of likes. For clarity, Brown does not turn the comments off on her other posts.

However, in order to avoid being bullied by a group of adult men, this is what she’s had to do. Pretty messed up.

Alright folks, let’s get into explaining what the funk is going on here on this day, and why Brown turned the comments off exactly.

Let’s first go all the way back to November 2017, when a troll account jokingly accused Millie Bobby Brown of being Islamophobic.

It’s absurd, completely unnecessary, and ridiculous. It also all came out of nowhere??

millie bobby brown

Following this meme, the gays started to share their stories about fake encounters with the young celebrity, implying that she’s an outright homophobe.

This of course is not true, and yet escalated continuously because a bunch of gays were bored. It sounds dumb because it is, really.

It’s because of these memes that Brown exited Twitter in 2018 and just… never returned. She was literally bullied off social media by gays who think they’re funny.

And then came the extremely viral memes that made fake Snapchat posts of Millie Bobby Brown behind the wheel of a car (we’ve come full circle), ready to ‘run over some gays’.

Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

millie bobby brown

Yes, she was a child at the time, but the gays (for no explained reason) were obsessed with calling Brown a homophobe.

If you pause for a moment and really think about it, it’s just completely fucked from start to finish. No justification whatsoever, and yet MBB became the poster child for pretty gross memes.

millie bobby brown

The ‘piping hot coffee memes’ also became a thing for a while, and they exist as proof that humans are capable of batshit things.

millie bobby brown

It has been four entire years and the meme is clearly still impacting upon Millie Bobby Brown’s life. I mean, could you imagine the things people would write if she didn’t turn the comments section off?

We truly live in wild times, and it’s pretty upsetting to see that Brown is still facing the repercussions of this grossly out of hand meme, even years on.