Miley Cyrus’s Pet Pig Has Gone Rogue And Taken Control Of Her House

Miley Cyrus‘s recent appearance on Kimmel just keeps giving. 
A few days ago, he shared a video of her interviewing random bystanders on Hollywood Boulevard on the topic of Miley Cyrus, while putting on an intense-ridiculous fake ‘Strayan accent.
Kimmel has Miley enthusiasts on a drip feed and he recently unveiled another choice video of her appearance on the show, in which she discusses her pet pig, Pig, who has gone HAM.
You may recall, a few months ago, Miley posed naked with Pig on the cover of Paper Mag; Pig has apparently grown bigger and meaner since then, and has taken to chasing Miley around the house aggressively search of food.
Miley’s dogs are scared for their own well-being; the Cyrus family are scared that Pig will devour her when she sleeps. Miley, as ever, has precious few fucks to give. Enjoy the below interaction:
Miley’s next trick will be hosting the MTV VMAs, which oughta be happening tomorrow Australian time.