Miley Cyrus Is Selling ‘She Is Coming’ Condoms Which Is Major Sagittarius Energy

The new era of Miley Cyrus has brought with it a new brand of merch: condoms.

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Cyrus dropped her new EP She Is Coming last week and simultaneously released a slew of merchandise on her website.

The Miley-approved frangers say ‘SHE IS COMING’ on the wrapper along with a fake phone number, 1-833-SHE-IS-MC.

In doing so, Miley has given off incredibly potent Sagittarius vibes. What the hell does being a Sag have to do with fanging frangers?

I will tell you.

The symbol for Sagittarius is an archer which denotes that people with this sign are straight-shooting queens who tell it like it is.

The girl knows her impressionable fans will be experimenting with sex and therefore will need rubbers on-hand.

She even had the packaging emblazoned with ‘SHE IS COMING’ because, well, god willing.

Every purchase comes with a digital download for Miley’s new album which I highly recommend ‘coz ‘Cattitude’ is a goddamn banger.

If you’re all stocked up condoms, however, she’s also selling t-shirts with ‘SHE CAME’ written on them and a sweatshirt with ‘PHONE SEX IS SAFE SEX’ on the front and my personal favourite, a sweatshirt that reads ‘I LOVE MY P*SSY THAT MEANS I GOT CATTITUDE.’