Miley Cyrus’ Post-Breakup Tweet From 2013 Resurfaces Just To Make Things Awks

Miley Cyrus

I dare say most of us like to believe in love, the true kind strong enough to conquer anything. So, when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth tied the knot ten years after falling in love on the set of The Last Song and going through a hot mess of a breakup, the internet was bloody thrilled.

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To (sort of) celebrate the love, one Twitter user by the name of @alicialands dug up an “iconic tweet” from 2013 – the year the couple split after becoming engaged in 2012. Safe to say, the breakup broke the hearts of tweens and teens around the world.


2013 was a wild year, to say the least. Cyrus, who was still predominantly known for her Disney stardom, absolutely shattered the mould with the release of Bangerz. Then there was that game-changing VMA performance with Robin Thicke, the intense re-branding, her split from Hemsworthfollowed by Wrecking Ball which would go on to become a pop culture icon.

Not to mention, Hemsworth was preparing for the release of his latest film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hence the tweet. Cast your minds back to the time and you’ll remember The Hunger Games and PEEEETA Mellark were all the rage. Everyone wanted to see the film.

The couple wouldn’t officially reunite until 2016 when Cyrus was first spotted here in Aus hanging out with the Hemsworth crew.

And, look at ’em now.

As for the ~authenticity~ of the tweet, it does appear to have been removed from Cyrus’ official account. Although, back in 2013, this fan account did take a cheeky screenshot of the words and shared it to their feed.

Ah, true love.