I Watched The Mighty Ducks Reboot Series & Have Once Again Taken All My Life Lessons From Them

The Mighty Ducks

Anyone who lived and died by the words “Ducks Fly Together” as a kid will know: The Mighty Ducks was a movie franchise that taught an entire generation of children about teamwork and how to overcome being an underdog.

Coach Bombay’s ability to overcome self-doubt and past failures was basically the original self-help movement. Simply put, there was a lot to learn from the original movies’ ice hockey-loving pack of misfits — and learn we did.

When the reboot was announced, I was sceptical (and hopeful) that they could ever live up to the iconic first run. Thankfully, the Disney+ series managed to jam-pack the episodes with the same heart we fell for in the ‘90s and below I dive (probably too deeply) into the four things I learned while watching The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.

Life Is Full Of Second (or Third) Chances

The first Mighty Ducks movie centred on Coach Bombay’s fall from grace after missing the crucial championship goal many moons ago. But as the film goes on and he’s surrounded by an unlikely bunch of kids whom he coaches in ice hockey, his love of the game is reignited and he gets to live the glory years vicariously. In the reboot, we pick up with Bombay, now a miserable ice rink owner who’s once again forgotten his love of hockey. Luckily, he reignites his hockey love affair throughout the season and teaches us all over again that second (and third) chances still exist.

Reunite With Old Friends

Assuming your old friends aren’t in your life’s rearview mirror for a very good reason, maybe it’s time to rekindle a friendship? Relive the golden years, spice up your current life, whatever, just show some love to the people who once meant something to you for no other reason than it could be fun. Bonus points if you get your childhood netball team back together for a reunion season.

Revisiting Your Childhood Hobbies Is Fun

Much like me watching all the original Mighty Ducks movies and then smashing through The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney+, revisiting activities you enjoyed as a kid can be fun. Not everything has to have a higher meaning (there’s a bonus life lesson for you) and sometimes going back to bask in innocent childhood loves just feels, well, nice. Highly recommend.

Ducks Fly Together, Duh

In case you forgot, we’re here to remind you that ducks fly together. Aka, teamwork is the foundation of everything and it’s also a very key message in The Mighty Ducks so it had to be in here. Quack, quack, QUACK . . . fine, we’ll stop.

Catch up now on The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers before the big finale hits Disney+ on May 28.