Michael Keaton Wraps Up Very Serious Commencement Speech With “I’m Batman”

In Australia you might cop a very successful entrepreneur or your Delta Goodrems of the faculty to do the honours of the big speech at your university graduation ceremony. In America you cop people like Chadwick Boseman and Michael Keaton. The latter was blessed with the honour of the commencement speech at Ohio’s Kent State University, a speech he decided to conclude with two extremely inspiring words: “I’m Batman”.


In a snippet uploaded to twitter, Keaton says:

“I’ve got one more thing to say and it’ll only take me a second. I’ve got two words that I all want you to remember. They’re very important and if I leave you with anything I’m going to leave you with these two words. And those two words are – I’m Batman.” 

You can peep that glorious snippet below:

Whatta man.

Before Ben Affleck… did his thing and took over the role, Keaton had the honour way back in the day in 1989.

Keaton’s latest gig in the super-hero web was Spider-Man: Homecoming where he did a bloody good job as Vulture. 

Meanwhile, Boseman delivered a passionate commencement speech at Howard University on Saturday where he told the class of 2018 to never stop striving for change.

“Many of you will leave Howard and enter systems and institutions that have a history of discrimination and marginalisation. The fact that you have struggled with this university that you loved is a sign that you can use your education to improve the world that you are entering.”

Alike Keaton, Boseman closed his speech with a nod to his most iconic role – arms across the chest in an ‘X’ complete with a “Howard forever”.

“Press on with pride and press on with purpose. God bless you, I love you, Howard. Howard forever.”