Michael Cera’s ‘Youth in Revolt’ trailer

If the trailer is anything to go by, Michael Cera’s latest flick †Youth In Revolt’ (due out in US cinemas this October) is set to be yet another hilarious but awkward two-and-a-something hours.

Based on C.D Payne’s cult-hit novel, Cera plays Nick Twisp- a young lad who’s out to win the heart (more specifically the virginity) of the girl next door (well, next caravan). She of course has zero to minus zero interest in him.

Cue Cera doing what he does best- delivering awkwardly shy but heartwarming lines, through his loveable lisp. That being said, for those who are becoming quickly disenchanted by the fact that Cera seems to always end up playing the same insecure shy-guy, consider this your heads up.

Cera in fact plays both of the main characters in the movie- however it is possible his mustached, law breaking, alter-ego †Francois’ could be a welcome change.
With a few noteable cameos from recent comedy geniuses such as Zach Galifianakis (fresh from †The Hangover’), †Youth In Revolt’ is bound to be a coming of age story overflowing with cringe-worthy moments, the obligatory naked-running-at-night scenes and an awesome indie soundtrack.

Although it isn’t much of a departure from all of Cera’s previous roles, the formula seems to be working for him.