For those few of you – and I do mean few; there’s probably a couple – who are absolutely frothing to see the very real life horrors of 2020 used as the dramatic backdrop for a Hollywood blockbuster, Michael Bay has your back. The world’s biggest proponent of movie explosions has not only already made a full-on COVID film, but it already has a trailer. And this is all happening whether any of you want it or not.

Songbird takes place a couple of years in the future, where a COVID-23 virus has mutated out of control, leading to the entire planet being under lockdown conditions for four years. Oh god.

The film centres on a couple separated by the pandemic, living under martial law. Oh god.

When a neighbour contracts the virus and forces the girl in the relationship to evacuate her apartment (oh GOD), the fella – who claims to be immune (jesus christ) – has to search for her and bring her to safety.

The hastily-thrown together premise and script was rushed into production earlier this year, and was the first major Hollywood film to shoot in Los Angeles under COVID-19 conditions. That it just-so-happened to be about COVID isn’t exactly a coincidence.

Cop the trailer below.

Songbird stars Riverdale‘s KJ Apa alongside Sofia Carson, with Craig RobinsonBradley WhitfordAlexandra DaddarioDemi MoorePeter Stormare, and Paul Walter Hauser among the extended cast.

Director Adam Mason also wrote the script for the film, with Michael Bay serving as the film’s producer.

There’s no definitive release date set in stone for Songbird at this stage, and the trailer only promises that it is “coming soon.” Interesting to see just how a major Hollywood movie about a devastating global pandemic gets released in… y’know… the middle of a devastating global pandemic. But that’s the world we live in at the moment, I guess.

Whether or not the film entices people to go watch a vision of what could actually occur remains to be seen. But at the end of the day, you certainly can’t fault the ambition here.

They’ve got that, at least.