This IG That Imagines Meryl Streep As Delicious Food Is The Salve For Our Troubled Souls

Scrolling through the socials can be a bit of a mixed experience these days. Global pandemic updates, funny yet depressing as hell ScoMo memes, advertisements of products you have only verbally spoken about… Your IG feed needs a spruce up, a little glitter, something all positive, something that reminds you of the wonderful things this planet has to offer. 

And what could be more pure and sacred than three time Academy Award winner, 21 time nominee and gift from above Meryl Streep PAIRED WITH delicious foodies? 

I’ll wait… 

Still waiting …

@Tasteofstreep offers aesthetically pleasing images of Meryl photoshopped into colour-coordinated grub (as if she wasn’t delicious enough on her own). It’s 100% guaranteed to make you hungrier than watching ‘Julie and Julia’ (or baking those scones from ‘It’s Complicated’) and 110% guaranteed to make your day better.

Here is Meryl as a kebab shop snack box, which now I’m defs getting for lunch on this cool autumn day, thanks Meryl.

Have more of a sweet tooth? Here’s Meryl Streep as a tasty cherry Pop-Tart. (Loving the hint of foot).

This pic of Meryl Streep as smashed avo on toast might just explain why you can’t afford a home.

She’s even giving Lady Gaga a good run for her money.

The Devil Wears Ensalada… (Ok I’ll stop now).

Many of these amazing images of Meryl Streep are also available to purchase as stickers, candles, keyrings and even matchboxes from the creator’s Etsy store in case your shit needs a classy spruce up (it does, I’ve checked).

You can also buy a Timothee Chalamet candle on the same Etsy store (called Saint Celebrity). I repeat, you can also buy a Timothee Chalamet candle!!

If only our real food came with the option of a side of Meryl Streep…