Yee-Haw: We Wrangled Up The Most Hilarious Memes & Reactions To This Year’s Met Gala Lewks

Justice for the Met Gala roach.

The internet has transformed into the meme Olympics with the annual Met Gala, and unlike some celebs who missed it completely with their ‘fits, these online roasts were a hit.

The Met Gala has always been something that the pop culture world stops for.

It’s a day where we see celebs push fashion boundaries with their elaborate costumes and judge how well fashion designers interpret different themes. Of course, it’s also an opportunity for pop culture fiends to froth over the hot goss that’s on the red carpet and beyond.

Most importantly, it’s a day for everyday people to jump online and roast celebs.

But before we jump into the best memes from the Met Gala 2023, it’s worth noting that this year’s theme honours problematic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, and that right there is already a major ick.

So without further ado, here are some of the best memes that have come straight outta this year’s Met Gala.

Prior to the Met Gala, there was a lot of curiosity and wonder if anyone would dress up as Lagerfeld’s beloved cat Choupette.

@yvessaintlaurel Hoping we get to see at least one Choupette inspired look at this year’s Met Gala themed “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” lmaooo #yvessaintlaurel #metgala2023 #fashionmeme #fashiontok #metgalalooks ♬ original sound – Yves Saint Laurel

Of course, the original meme queen Doja Cat came through with the goods, stuntin’ the red carpet dressed up as one of the nightmarish characters from the live-action Cats musical.

But alongside Doja’s take on Choupette, Jared Leto also dressed up as the beloved pet by going full furry on the Met Gala carpet.

There’s also bizarre footage which supposedly shows Doja Cat entering the venue, but it honestly just looks like a giant joint!

Me a roach also made an appearance at the Met Gala 2023, and it low-key seems like this insect gained more attention than some of the other famous guests.

Unfortunately, the Met Gala roach was murdered. According to Variety, the friendly critter was stepped on.


Folks also poked fun at Aussie PM Anthony Albanese by photoshopping him onto the red carpet.

I mean, if he was at Kyle Sandilands’ wedding, surely he would’ve gladly DJ’d at the Met Gala.

And OFC, a bunch of other worthy guests who couldn’t make it were Photoshopped onto the infamous steps.

Certified international daddy Pedro Pascal had the girlies (and me) SCREAMING with his little shorts moment, even though the ‘fit reminded me of the evil guy from Sonic The Hedgehog.

Lil Nas X‘s butt cheeks made waves because they were glittery AF. Literally had to wear my sunnies to study this Met Gala look.

To complement their Choupette lewks, Lil Nas and Doja Cat both ~meowed~ during their interviews.

That’s what you call dedication and a performance!

And lastly, how could you not have a Met Gala meme roundup without making fun of our fave royal family, the Kardashians.

To be quite honest, the Met Gala this year kinda blows.

To me, there weren’t any standout OMG moments like in previous years. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, the Met Gala’s 2018 Heavenly Bodies theme will always be the GOAT.

Anna Wintour please, please, please don’t do us dirty with a theme like this ever again.