Actors: they seem harmless enough, but can you trust them? No. If someone’s entire job is pretending to experience emotions that they aren’t currently experiencing, how can you trust what they say? You simply cannot. You must, instead, judge them by their actions. Actions like, say, Melissa McCarthy handing out ham sandwiches at the Golden Globes.

No amount of acting training could allow someone to fake the kind of sincerity involved in bringing a bag full of sandwiches to hand out at an awards show largely bereft of food, which is exactly what McCarthy did, according to Variety.

Those of you following along with the broadcast might have noticed Olivia Colman saying “Thank you for the sandwiches” in the acceptance speech she gave upon winning Best Actress, Motion Picture,  — Musical or Comedy and it appears very much that this was directed at McCarthy. McCarthy told Variety that she brought 30 ham and cheese sandwiches along and had been handing them out to “everyone“.

McCarthy added that next year she intended to bring hot dogs, although that seems like a logistically more difficult endeavour. (Do you wrap the whole thing up? Put it in a paper bag? It’d be such a mess!)

The Golden Globes is not a short event and, to avoid having the sound of a hundred or so people eating constantly in the room, dinner is not served, which makes the handing out of the sandwiches a pretty lovely consideration.

Image: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison