Melbourne’s Terrifying Train Clown Apologises, Gives Flowers To Commuters

A little while ago passengers on Melbourne VLine trains found unwittingly found themselves in the grips of legitimate nightmare fuel, as a young bloke dressed as a freaking terrifying clown wandered the aisles of carriages and stood silently looking at people.

Before you all trade in your Myki‘s for a one-way ticket on the Nopetrain – running express from Southern Cross to Fuckthat Village – the manifestation of all terror was identified as being a 14 year-old burgeoning performer, who’d previously attended clown school and knew not the implications of what he was doing; ahh, the follies of youth.
His Dad – who declined to be named at the time – insisted he would be punished six ways till Sunday for the stunt. But the kid himself has found a unique, and frankly pretty cute, way of apologising to commuters personally.
ABC Radio Melbourne this morning posted a photo of the young man as he made his penance by again walking up and down the aisles of a VLine train, but this time handing out flowers as he smiled and silently pointed to a sign hung around his neck that simply read “Sorry.”

Whether this is occurred as part of his parental-enforced punishment, or if it serves as evidence that he’s violated the “grounding until he’s 30” as promised by dear old Daddy-o remains, at the time of writing, unconfirmed.
Photos via Twitter.