Melbourne Is Ditching The Logies & People Are Not Bloody Impressed

The Herald Sun has reported tonight that Melbourne has unceremoniously ditched TV awards night the Logies for the first time in over thirty years. As you might expect, people are not loving this development.

The Logies have been held in Melbs since 1959, but according to the Herald Sun, the Victorian Government has walked from the deal for next year, leaving another location to snap up the ceremony. Tourism and Events Minister John Eren told the paper, “We’re proud to have been home to the Logies for more than 30 years, but it’s time to pass on the baton.”

Rumour has is that the state government got the pip with footing the bill for the big party, which at least one insider has described as “just a big TV personality piss-up“.

Well… yeah, but isn’t that the point? So we can watch our mate Karlos try to keep it together on Today the morning after?

The top tipped destination for the small screen’s biggest party appears to be Queensland – more specifically, the Gold Coast.

This comes as something of a shock, considering that the most recent murmurings about a Logies move were very suggesting Tamworth, Dubbo and Albury as possible host cities, thanks to an aggressive campaign by Destination NSW.

Regardless of where they’re moving, though, the awards are moving, and people have both thoughts and feelings about this reality.

Who knows, though – maybe a GC Logies would absolutely go off.