Melbourne Darts Contest Descends into Chair-Throwing Anarchy

In what may be the perfect distillation of the word “STRAYA“, a group of loose units in fancy dress got on the piss during a darts tournament at Melbourne’s Docklands Stadium last night, and caused so much chaos that police had to be called.
The ABC report that, during an invitational challenge between Simon The Wizard Whitlock and Mighty Michael van Gerwen – we’ll take their word for it that those are real people – sections of the crowd became “bored” and started acting up.
The crowd members in question began throwing plastic chairs and tables, possibly attempting to build some kind of furniture pyramid.  When Johnny Law showed up to crash the party, 40 fans were ejected, although no injuries were reported.
Here’s how it went down:
A spokesman for the event blamed the “juvenile behaviour” on a “small minority.” This proud moment for our nation is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

Photo: Scott Barbour via Getty Images