Melania Trump’s Kanye-Style Face Drop After Greeting Ivanka Confirms She’s Defs Not A Bot

The 2020 Republican National Convention has been taking place over the last couple of days and even though it has been hellish, dark and unfortunately timed, there is a fat, chunky silver lining that we all need to sit down and appreciate – the fact that it has been a fucking petri dish for memes.

Kimberly Guilfoyle screaming “The best is yet to come” like a Disney villian to an empty audience, Eric and Tiffany Trump repeating “My father” over and over and Don Junior calling PPE “PP and E” have been among my favourites thus far, but Melania Trump and her questionable outfits have been leading the sweet memey content toll by a country mile. This latest clip has surely secured her position as queen meme, or first lady.

It all happend in a quick flash, but it’s a tale as old as time. Melania smiles warmly at her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump as she walks by, and then Melania’s face totally Kanye‘s and you can literally see but the wrath of hell in her eyes.

It is all of us running into a co-worker we don’t like on the street. It is all of us having to greet to our friend’s new boyfriend who can’t stand. It is all of us walking by our frenemies at a socially distanced party.

I’ll let you watch.

There has been speculation of tension between the two before, but this definitely just put the nail in the coffin.

As someone who has spent years as a receptionist, Melania is now my queen. That second face is simply rubber banding back from the first. I would love a reverse angle camera shot on this to see if Ivanka has done the same thing. Are you even human if you haven’t done it yourself? The results are in and the answer is no.

The internet has pretty much sided with Melania on this one, and of course they are having a field day.

And for a different angle:

This paired with her refusal to hold Donald Trump’s hand earlier this week is really reminding me of the side of Melania I like, and I like it alot.