Teen Meghan Markle Croons ‘Santa Baby’ In Resurfaced Footage & She Can Sing?

If it was intensely important for you to know whether or not Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex can sing or not, we have news for you: she can!

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Or at least, she seemed to be able to at age 17: it’s hard to figure out if she’s lip syncing in this old af, late ’90s footage.

Yep, this recently uncovered footage seems to show teenage Markle and one of her school chums crooning along to the weirdly smutty Christmas song, ‘Santa Baby‘, originally performed by Eartha Kitt in 1953, at Immaculate Heart High School‘s 1998 Chrissy pageant.

Grainy footage of new royals in their awkward teen years? GIVVUS.

She’s wearing a Santa hat and stage blacks and I guess she seems comfortable on stage? As comfortable as one can feel performing ‘Santa Baby’ in front of their peers and their families – this is no cute kid in Love Actually smashing out ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You. But hey, Markle’s pretty good actually. Girl’s got pipes.

As does her mate, reportedly Natalie Fryman, whose IMDb lists a handful of acting credits, including ONE EPISODE of Lost.


Before their big moment, the pair hold candles during ‘Silent Night‘, and afterwards have a good ol’ laff with their schoolmates. It’s the kind of home video footage from your school years – did Doria Ragland take the vid? – that would make adult, pheasant-hunting, totally-fine-with-Kate-OKAY Meghan cringe. (Yeah, Markle turned up for the annual Boxing Day pheasant hunt despite rumours to the contrary).

If ‘Santa Baby’ the original is too much for you, how about Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson updating the Chrissy classic for a modern woman who don’t need no man – although you know, she has snared one – on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


Chrissy isn’t over until we run out of ham leftovers.